Let me introduce myself




Hi! Lets get to know each other better and have a chat. Grab yourself a cuppa tea, sit back and relax…

My name is Shereen, I am 34 years young and my husband and I currently live in the Netherlands. My journey in life began in Surinam, a beautiful country in South-America. At the age of nine I moved to Holland where I spend most of my childhood and early adulthood years living in Amsterdam. Needless to say, while I love my life in the Netherlands, Surinam will always have a special place in my heart. I love the combination of my current environment of having the forest, the beach and the city nearby.




As far as I can remember I was always very social, even as a child. I love questioning our existence as human beings and love researching things that ignite my interest.

I guess my passion and love for health, lifestyle and beauty started with my fascination and genuine interest in people. I believe that looking your best and feeling better are very closely related to each other. Taking care of your inner self is equally important. Often I find that if I take an effort in taking care of myself it always reflects my mindset to be more motivated and encouraged throughout the rest of the day. On an unconscious level I think that our outer appearance often reflects our inner mood and vice versa. I’m not saying that by putting on makeup and painting your nails your worries and problems will magically disappear. I wish that were the case cause that would be so easy right 😉. Instead I’m a firm believer in taking care of our bodies in our own unique way the way we want to.


I was blessed to have studied the wonder of the human body during my study of Medicine. After my doctoral degree in Medicine, I decided to pursue another career path. I studied Health Sciences, with a degree of specialization in Public Health Prevention. Thereafter, my interest in a healthy lifestyle was sparked even more than before. I believe that prevention is better than cure. So both studies taught me very different but also very similar things that I suppose basically come down to respecting our body and feeding it the best way we can. This feeding does not only refer to our daily nutrients but just as much to our mental health and environment.

I love meeting (new) people and learning about their own journey in life. I believe we each are unique and special in our own ways. More specific, I think I am a bit addicted to make-up, skincare, fashion and nail polish. But only a bit, so I think that’s ok….



At a very young age while I was living in Surinam, I remember my cousin who always had these beautiful polished nails. As a teenager and to this day on,  I love(d) getting inspired by makeup, nails and fashion. In high school I was obsessed with painting my nails. In college I started wearing makeup for the first time and I never stopped since then LOL. God bless YouTube tutorials and all the amazing people who teach us the tips and tricks about applying make-up and sharing their opinions about makeup and fashion. Do you guys watch these tutorials?



I get super excited when I visit make-up aisles. I bet that if you love Sephora, you definitely know what I’m saying😉. Fashion wise, fall is my ultimate favourite season. The amazing colours, not only in nature but also in home interior and clothing stores are my absolute favourite this time of the year. Burgundy, mustard yellow, orange, emerald green and so on.. I 💓 IT!

I would describe my writing style as: witty, open-minded, encouraging, honest and spreading love around the world.

My wish is that by reading my blog you will find a place to feel inspired, encouraged and welcome to read my opinions, experiences and knowledge about living a healthy and even more beautiful lifestyle.

Always feel free to leave a comment!

Until next time!

Shereen xx








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