In love with fall:) Part I


Hello fall, I’m so ready for you !! Drinking coffee or tea, putting on some candles and a cozy blanket with a good book, or just “Netflix and chill” equals happiness for me. Do you enjoy fall? What are your favorite things about this season?

In my previous post (Let me introduce myself) I briefly mentioned my love for this particular beautiful season. As I love long walks in nature I can’t help but fall in love with fall!! (pun intented:)…. The amazing colours of the leafs, ranging from yellow to burgundy just makes my heart beat a little bit faster 💕.

herfst 3


herfst 4


In fact, as I’m writing this I realize how thankful I am for the amazing weather here in Holland at this time of the year!! I can’t even remember the last time October felt so  warm and gave us so much sunshine. How nice that we Dutchies get to enjoy this beautiful sunny weather in October for a change.




Ask any Dutch person (including myself) about the weather and you’ll probably have a longer conversation than you might have initially intended to have. Forget about chitchatting: the weather in Holland is always a hot,hot, hot topic!! I think it’s interesting and funny how some people usually complain about the weather while others mostly find something positive. I guess complaining is also human nature and I must confess being ‘guilty’ of it. Correction: was guilty of mostly complaining about the weather. Until I decided to just not complain and you know what: since then I could always find something positive about every type of weather, even with rainy and cold days.


As I originally come from the tropical country Surinam, it took me years to embrace the seasonal changes in Holland and appreciate the beauty of colder seasons. Of course I still have days where I just (let myself) complain. Did you know that the importance of how we complain can both positively or negatively influence our (mental) health? Sometimes just the act of venting feels good. Even the most positive person needs to get things off their chest. However, if you don’t try to snap out of your bubble of complaining, you can find yourself feeling even worse than before. In other words, try to either solve the problem or if the problem can’t be solved let it go!! We can’t change things like the weather but we can definitely change our mindset and try to live each day being grateful!! Try it, I’m telling you that being grateful and positive can be so contagious and when you have the virus: spread it with love and patience.




herfst 2


Do you know the song Turn, Turn, Turn by the Birds? If not, I highly recommend you to listen to this amazing song. And did you know that the lyrics of this song almost entirely originate from the Bible book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (NIV)? This book is one of my favorites in the Bible. The essential theme of this book is based on living a joyful life. HOW AMAZING!!! So here’s to fall and all the beautiful gifts and changes that come with it!!

See you soon in part II:)


Shereen xx



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